Guidelines and review process

Abstract Content Guidelines

  1. The content in the abstract must be written in English. No other language will be accepted.
  2. The content in the abstract should define the native work.
  3. Abstracts that are related and relevant to the conference interest will only be accepted. Abstracts with irrelevant or objected content will be rejected without information.
  4. The presenting author should be marked with the * symbol or can be the first author.
  5. All the co-author names can be mentioned with affiliation.
  6. The co-authors should be acknowledged for the submission of the abstract to the conference and the content embedded.
  7. The short forms or abbreviations are to be derived or defined within brackets for the first time they appear in the content.
  8. References used can be mentioned after the abstract content.
  9. Images or small graphs referenced are to be presented for better understanding.
  10. Please avoid symbols. Replace them with words
  11. Every registered author can submit a maximum of two oral abstracts and one poster abstract.
  12. If you wish to edit or update the submitted abstract, you can resubmit your abstract with the message so that the latest abstract upon basic review will be updated.
  13. Upon successful submission of the abstract, you will be acknowledged with a confirmation message or email. If you fail to receive the confirmation, please contact us and the abstract submission team will assist further.

Submission Guidelines

  1. The abstract can contain 250-300 words and should be written in English as mentioned.
  2. The sequence of the abstract can be as follows
  • The title of the abstract in the title case
  • The name of the presenting author with * symbol and the co-author's names with affiliations. Please refer to the abstract template updated on the abstract submission page
  • Abstract text with objectives, procedure, results, and conclusions.
  • References followed by images
  • Updated Biography and a recent photograph of the presenting author.
  • Abstracts are to be submitted in Word format (.doc or .docx)

3- If you are done with drafting the abstract with the above guidelines, please submit your abstract only through the online submission system

Review Process

  1. All the received oral and poster abstracts for the chemeet conference will go under peer review before issuing the acceptance letter.
  2. The review policy will follow Double double-blind procedure for the review process.
  3. The abstract received for the conference will immediately be forwarded to the committee and the same will be acknowledged to the submitting author.
  4. The reviewer will calculate all basic criteria like relativity, individuality, impact and influence, quality, results, and the conclusion.
  5. The abstract submitted must follow all the basic guidelines.
  6. The abstracts that do not meet the criteria required will be informed and will be asked to resubmit.
  7. Regular information on the process and review process will be given to the author through email.
  8. Authors will be provided acceptance along with the acceptance letter and then the respective author will be allowed for the registration process.