About PolyChemeet 2024

Welcome to PolyChemeet 2024

The PolyChemeet organizing committee and the Board of Elanva are blissful to extend the welcome note to all participants across the globe for its third edition of the PolyChemeet conference.

With the fabulous and outstanding upshot of Chemeet 2022 and Chemeet 2023, Team Elanva with its associated board members and organizing committee members of PolyChemeet has geared up for the third edition of PolyChemeet.  The organizing team of PolyChemeet is proud to report that 99.99% of the event audience and participants rated the conference with 5 stars and praised the quality of scientific information they gained through this forum.

With this cheering and motivation, the planning team with deep discussion with the conference members and examining the current conditions, challenges, and possibilities, has scheduled the third edition of Polychemeet for June 17-19. 2024 with Lisbon, Portugal as the conference Venue.

About PolyChemeet 2024

PolyChemeet is a strong bond that holds participants and opportunities by bringing together the community of researchers, academicians, industrialists, societies, associations, and emerging students onto a unique platform.

With the feedback from attendees, Knowledge gained through suggestions, and the policy and practice of learning from mistakes with the previous edition, the committee has taken care to improve the agenda and sessions of the conference to make sure that attendees enjoy and learn from the finest.

Parallelly, the PolyChemeet conference committee strongly supports emerging researchers and young minds with innovative ideas and provides them numerous opportunities to market their innovations on this global platform.

The portions of the conference focus on bridging the gap and cheering along between the academy and the industry. We sincerely hope that you find the content informative, and engaging and inspire you to contribute to shaping this exciting, important industry.

Conference Organization

With the great need to meet in person, the committee of the PolyChemeet and the team Elanva have decided to organize the third edition physically in Lisbon, Portugal.

PolyChemeet Awards 2024

Like previous editions, the committee of PolyChemeet 2024 also has announced two awards for the third edition of the PolyChemeet conference.

1. Best Poster Award

The poster presentations will take place on the second day of the conference. All the accepted and registered posters will be considered for the best poster competition. The poster judge will consider all the aspects while evaluating all the posters. The poster evaluation will be done on a scale of 15 and the best poster will be awarded to the highest scorer.

2. Early Career Researcher Award (ECR)

To encourage the student’s research and participation, the committee has introduced the ECR slots for every session. The slots will feature presentations from Graduate, Postgraduate, PhD students and Young Scientists. The best presenter under these slots will be awarded with POLYCHEMEET ECR 2024 Award.

Conference Language

The Official language for the PolyChemeet conference is English. For everyone to understand, no other language will be allowed for presentation and PPT. Also, there will be no translator available during the conference presentations.

Third-Party Involvement

PolyChemeet 2024 is not involved with any third-party agencies for travel, Visa, and accommodation booking. You can book your accommodation on our registration page and the accommodation will be provided in the same hotel where the conference is going to take place. The PolyChemeet committee hereby requests you to not respond to any such emails or phone calls from such agencies and the conference organization is not responsible for any bookings done through such agencies.