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PolyChemeet 2024 Topics

Chemistry and its’s Utility

  • Synthesis (Medicinal, Organic, and Inorganic Chemistry)
  • Processes (Physical and Analytical Chemistry)
  • Materials Chemistry (Energy & Environment)
  • Catalysis
  • Sustainable Feedstocks

Polymers and its applications

  • Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
  • Polymer Rheology
  • Polymers for additive manufacturing
  • Re-/up-cycling of (bio)plastics
  • Self-assembled architectures

What you can do at #PolyChemeet 2024?

Feedback for your work at early stage

Get feedback on your preliminary results at an early stage to improve/modify your workflow for the best results.

Meet new people in your field.

Grab the PolyChemeet’s biggest opportunity to meet new people in your field as this is a key opportunity for Networking

Probe into the newest research

Hold the chance to peek at what others are doing in the field. This will help in designing new ideas for your research.

Connect with your academic superheroes.

Get Inspired by meeting by meeting with highly cited Plenary speakers at PolyChemeet 2024.

Hone your ideas.

Refine and manage your current concepts by involving in live discussions in panel discussion sessions.

Meet & Greet with Potential Collaborators

Use the ideal PolyChemeet platform to group up with researchers and to make fruitful collaborations.


Joao Matias

 Good organization and interesting topics preseted. It was a rewarding experience. 

CDRSP, Portugal

Silvia Patricia Barragan Mantilla

I am sincerely grateful for the kind invitation to participate in the conference. It was quite interesting, I enjoyed the whole time because of the variety of topics that were covered. 

Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain

Juan carlos del valle

The Chemeet conference came out very well, good talks of high scientific level. No much discussion, but at the streaming presentation it is hard to keep up a dialogue. Next year, at the Lisbon Conference, with a presential format, it will certainly improve. 

The Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain

Florian T. Aba-a

 The speakers are very good and the conference as a whole was well organized. 

Mindanao State University, Philippines

Diana Gomes

The talks were very pertinent and interesting regarding the different subjects included in the program. The only suggestion I have is to increase the lunch time, beacause it was a little shorter for me. Overall, my experience was very good and I hope to attend the next Chemeet in 2024. Thank you for the great Conference! 

University of Beira Interior, Portugal

Mouhamadou Sali

 The cheemet conference was insighful, plenty of novelty and informative for researchers and expert from myriad field. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate.

University of Maroua, Cameroon

Tatiana A. Korolenko

 OK, it is interesting to participate in such Webinars. 

Research Institute of Physiology and Fundamental Medicine, Russian Federation

Yuvraj Singh Negi

 Wonderful arrangements for hybrid mode Second International Conference CHEMEET 2023 covering a wide range of research topics in chemistry. Proceedings of the presented papers may be shared online with the participants. Industrial R&D participation will ease the process of Technology scale-up and Technology Transfer of emerging new ideas shared by the researchers. A joint session with Industrial R&D participation will help this event more effective. Good luck with future events.

IIT Roorkee, India

Jose Luis Rivera Armenta

It Is an Event That Grows Year After Year And I Appreciate Being Considered To Participate.

ITCM, Mexico

Antonio Araujo

 Excellent conference, where I had the opportunity to attend several lectures of a high scientific level, by several renowned researchers from different countries. The congress was very well organized. I was really impressed with the commitment and effort of the organizers, and in my opinion, it was excellent. Although it took place in virtual form, everything happened at the previously determined time, without major problems for the public. Finally, I would like to request my certificate of presentation and participation, for accountability at my university 

UFRN, Brazil


 All the sessions are quite interesting and valuable. I attended all the three days. I congratulate the organizers for conducting this kind of wonderful webinar via online mode. I learned a lot from the expert's talk particularly advanced research ideas from biotechnology, bioinorganic and biological sciences. Thank you very much. 

Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, India

Ines Mancini

 Interesting topics of the presentations and well organised 

University of Trento, Italy

Maroua Guidoum

 It was really amazing and well organized, and I was honor to participate. Also, I would thank the conference manager Kiran Kumar, he responded to my email quickly with any questions and helped me a lot, I hope I can participate next year. Thanks to all the responsible for the CHEMEET Conference. 

University of Alicante, Spain

Rajat Sharma

 It was well organized and I would like to congratulate the team! 

University of York, United Kingdom

Manuel J Lis

 Was very interesting and with very valuable works presented 

Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain

Lucia Pintilie

 I thank you for the opportunity to participate in this conference! Congratulations for the organization! Congratulations to all who attended! I found out new information

National Institute of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Romania

Maria Vasilopoulou

 The conference was organized by professionals and everything was perfect! The program and presentations were of high quality. 

Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Greece

Rachel Anne E. Lagunay

 I would like to congratulate the organization, speakers and attendees of this conference for making this event very insightful and inspiring to a young researcher like myself. Thank you once again and looking forward to seeking te team, speakers and participants next time. 

Mindanao State University, Philippines

Ismat Ullah

The conference was organized in a very good way, and the presentations were highly informative. I personally learned wonderful information from this event, and I like virtual events, and this was a free event that inspired me to participate in it. I wish good luck and congratulations to all of your organizers. 


Prechiel Barredo

The webinar is a good platform for meeting scientists working in my field of interest and also a great way to learn about other fields in chemistry, as well as physics and engineering.  The webinar was a great way to know what other researchers are doing in one's field of interest in chemistry and other related fields. 

Mindanao State University, Philippines

Andrada Serafim

Congratulations to the organizers, especially to Kiran  he was very involved in contacting the participants, keeping in touch and very quick in resolving all sort of problems! I HOPE we will meet face to face next year. 

University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania

Roeve Ann Mae C. Mazo

This is a very educational conference and a must-attended event.  The webinar is very informative to all chemistry professionals. 

Mindanao State University, Philippines