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Juan Bisquert, Universitat Jaume I, Spain

"Great Speakers and Nice Conference. Very pleased to participate. Very good organization"

Anders Hagfeldt, Uppsala University, Sweden

"Thanks again for the invitation and for giving such an excellent conference"

Absar Riaz

"I've attended the conference completely it's very informative that helps me very much in field of Chemistry. Thanks for allowing me to participate in this opportunity"


"Thank you for all the speakers in this event which is rich and full of information. thank you for all the organizing committee and a big thank you to Kiran Kumar for invitation to attend this event"

Si-Dian Li, Shanxi University, China

"Thank you so much for providing the wonderful platform to present our latest results to colleagues all over the world. We also learned a lot from the Chemeet 2022"

Jose Luis Rivera Armenta, ITCM, Mexico

"I wish to thank for all the support and the interest for my participation in chemeet 2022, it was a nice experience for me."

Katrin Heinzerling, IMAP, France

"Thank you so much for organizing this fantastic conference. It was a great pleasure to participate, and I learned a lot."

Abbas Montazeri, K.N.Toosi Univeristy of Technology, Iran

"Everything was perfect. Thanks for the great and professional organization."

Maria vasilopoulou, Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Greece

"It was an exciting experience and I gained valuable knowledge from the excellent presentations. The organization was excellent."

Tomislav Tosti

"The conference was very interesting and informative with lots of ideas which could lead to new research"

Hosham Ebrahim

"It was a wonderful conference full of valuable information in all chemical fields"

Agnieszka Szkudlarek, Medical University od Silesia in Katowice

"Interesting and high level of the presented research."

Vesna Krstic, Mining and Metallurgy Instute Bor, Serbia

"The organizers have made efforts to hold the conference and that is to be commended."

Venkatesh K Bhovi, Vijayanagar College Hosapete

"The conference was excellently conducted. All the Keynote addresses were effective, and much cutting-edge research was understood. It was a wonderful experience."

Korolenko Tatiana A, Research Institute of Physiology and Fundamental Medicine

"Thanks to Organizers of Chemeet-2022."

Constantinos Zeinalipour-Yazdi, University of East London, United Kingdom

"Thanks for a great conference, I really enjoyed it."

khunanya janchai, JAIST

"I get the benefits of attending a conference to learn, develop my research skill, and have the chance to get feedback from expert persons on my work."

Antonio Borrero-López, University of Huelva

"Very nice event with many researchers of many different fields, willing to join the next one."

Kazunari Domen; University of Tokyo, Japan

"Good conference and especially plenary lectures were excellent."

Ines Mancini, University of Trento, Italy


Juan Carlos del Valle, UAM, Spain

"The conference has provided great insight on chemistry in general. I would appreciate the great effort done by the organizing committee and the conference managing team."

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